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Dora DVD - The gift your child really wants!

In today's world, streaming is a way of life. Most adults or older kids are completely content with the online streaming of videos and movies. But we're talking about Dora the Explorer and we all know the age group of Dora fans. So the technology for watching videos online cannot replace that thrill of a physical gift. The last time I checked you can't wrap air as a gift. Children around the ages of 2-4 can only really appreciate something physical that they can hold in their hands. How do you give an online movie to a child of that age? You can't, so we're dialing it back to the trusty old DVD.


Don't worry, we're still going to provide some details about where you can find Dora videos and movies to watch via online streaming. Before you discount an older technology like a physical DVD disc, let us explain why this should be your top choice when it comes to formats. If you think Blu-ray is a better choice, sorry to inform you that Dora Blu-ray movies really don't exists.

Below, we are creating an expanding list of available Dora movies along with some reviews and overall ratings first and foremost. From this list, we want to help you make the right choice(s) when it comes to buying a birthday or Christmas gift. If it's available in a DVD format, be assured that you can pay to watch it online somewhere as well. However it will require a subscription to a service like Netflix or you can check out movie rental options from your cable company of places like Amazon.

If you're unsure about DVD vs. watching online, let me share my experience with you. Obviously a physical product is much more meaningful to a child. But more importantly, kids love to watch certain movies and videos over and over. If you're looking at a pay/rent option, after the time period ends you will have to rent the video again. This is not ideal when it comes to the demands of this age group. If you belong to a streaming service already, then you just need to decide what Dora videos are the best to watch with the drawback that you can't really give this a gift.

I can also recommend Dora DVD movies for a few other reasons. First, you can hand these off to friends or family who are just starting their families. Alternatively you can donate the movies so that other children can enjoy them. You can't do that with online rentals or streaming! Secondly, I've found that a DVD movie is far less troublesome in comparison to those toys that have tens or hundreds of pieces that can also present choking risks to younger members of a family. A DVD will entertain without all the cleanup! Thirdly, you can buy a Dora DVD for as cheap as $5.99 USD (or less) brand new. Because of the price point you can buy two or three movies for their birthday or Christmas and feel like a real hero.

With all the benefits of buying a DVD, one major shortcoming is that they are definitely fragile. If you give your child the freedom of handling the discs then you need to take precautions. Trust me when I say kids have a way of mishandling discs and I have plenty of unplayable movies at this point. I also suggest blocking access to the dvd player/tray itself. My daughter decided to put a quarter on the tray and insert it. Took a while to figure out why movies wouldn't play!

You can find ways to make backups of the DVD movies in some situations, although I cannot confirm the presence of copy protection on all the Dora DVDs. But spend time with your child to educate and demonstrate how to handle discs properly which will reduce risk. Even if disaster strikes, take a deep breath and relax because DVD movies at this point are super cheap.

There are also opportunities to stream Dora movies online with services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video (available in the USA only). Advantages in this format includes there is no physical disc that can get ruined and your child can watch the movie over and over with ease. No discs to eject! Another benefit to this viewing method is that a child can watch Dora on a variety of devices including a television via set top box, computer, tablet or smartphone. We go into greater detail about online streaming options here.

Although there are some ratings regarding Dora videos and movies, most are a pretty safe bet. Duds don't really exist so as long as the title has Dora the Explorer in it, your child will be thrilled no matter what. Certainly there are some classics or "must have" Dora videos and we will list those below.

The best Dora movie picks are listed below. These are the classic or "must have" videos.


dora pirate adventure

Dora Pirate Adventure

This is a classic and perhaps the most highly regarded Dora dvd. This is the safest puchase!

Length: 30 min

Price: $5.99 to $6.99 USD


dora saves the crystal kingdom

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

This classic Dora video is longer than most so it's well worth buying. More like a movie than just a standard episode. Dora and Boots have to save the Crystal Kingdom from the greedy king!

Length: 1hr 31 min

Price: $5.99 to $7.99 USD


doras fairytale adventure

Dora's Fairytale Adventure

This is one of the most popular Dora videos ever. Boots gets into trouble when he east an enchanted banana and then falls under the spell of a mean witch. Dora needs to become a true princess in order to save Boots. This DVD contains a couple bonus adventures including "what happens next?" and "the magic stick". You can find Dora's Fairytale Adventure as part of a few different DVDs that include other movies as well.

Length: 94 min

Price: $5.99 to $6.99 USD


dora dvd movie

Dora's Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom

Dive into adventure with Mermaid Dora and Sea Monkey Boots to help their mermaid friend Maribel get back to her Mami in Mermaid Cove! Plus rescue castaway Benny from Coconut Island and join Dora on a magical moonlight adventure through a storybook world!

Length: 1 hr 10 min

Price: $5.99 USD

dora saves the mermaids movie

Dora Saves the Mermaids

In this double-length special, Dora needs your help to save Mermaid Kingdom by bringing a magical crown back to Mariana the Mermaid ... and by becoming a mermaid too! Then help Dora on two other ocean adventures to help a baby fish and the Pirate Piggies!

Length: 1 hr 31 min

Price: $5.99 USD

dora movie

Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures

Explore the Enchanted Forest with Dora, Boots, and King Unicornio in this trilogy of magical adventures, concluding in an enchanted double-length episode!

Length: 1 hr 32 min

Price: $5.99 to $8.23 USD


dora saves the snow princess

Dora Saves the Snow Princess

Dora and friends need your help on a magical double-length quest to save the Snow Princess and her whole Snowy Forest! Plus, help Dora bring a new toy to her baby brother and sister AND take Perrito to meet his twin puppy brother on Twins' Day!

Length: 1 hr 32 min

Price: $4.99 to $6.99 USD