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I have two daughters and guess what they can't get enough of? Yes, you guessed it! Dora coloring pictures. As a result, I need to keep this page updated with new Dora the Explorer coloring pages and printables just to keep them happy. Yes, I go through a lot of paper and ink on my printer. I just hope your child enjoys Dora coloring as much as mine do. Please visit often!

Of course we are starting to near Easter! I will be adding Easter Dora coloring pages in the next couple of days. Egg coloring is so much fun! Chocolate eggs! Boots, swiper, Dora, Isa and the rest of the Dora the Explorer cast will be here with Easter themed coloring pages. I've just added more Dora Coloring Pages! Click the link button "More Coloring Pages"!


Dora Coloring Instructions:

  1. Simply click on the Dora coloring image you would like to print.
  2. When the next page opens, right click on the Dora coloring picture and
    then click "Print Picture...
  3. Remember to check back often! New Dora coloring pictures added weekly!


Keep checking back for new Dora The Explorer
Coloring Pages and Printables!

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Jump for joy and be happy!

dora the explorer with hands open

Ice Skating Dora!

dora on ice skates

Dora rides her bike!

bike coloring page

Dora Halloween coloring page

halloween coloring page

Bunny rabbit coloring page

bunny rabbit easter

Boots and Dora Valentines Coloring Page

valentines day

It's Dora The Explorer!

dora posing

Dora's friend Isa


Dora the Explorer in a dress

dora coloring

Ice skating with Dora

dora the explorer ice skating

Boots birthday party!

boots birthday

Dora and Boots jumping

dora and boots

Boots and Dora having fun dancing


Friends playing with leaves

playing with leaves

Dora the Explorer with Boots and balloons

dora the explorer balloons

Friends with balloons

dora and boots with balloons

Isa holding hands and dancing with Dora

Dora and friends at the amusement park

dora and her friends

Dancing Dora

dora explorer dancing coloring page

A day at the beach with a crab friend

beach coloring page

Jungle adventure coloring page

jungle dora adventure

Ice skating coloing page

ice skating dora


mermaid adventure

Boots and Dora underwater adventure

dora mermaid

Playing at the beach with Boots

dora boots and sandcastle

Having fun with a ball on the beach

dora coloing page at the beach




Dora's Friend Isa

doras friend isa

Coloring the band playing music!

Dora and her mermaid friend

Who doesn't love Dora and the Pirate Adventure

Dora is a beautiful mermaid

Dora the Explorer loves to pick apples

Boots in his boots

Benny having a good time


dora coloring pages

Dora and Boot Easter Eggs

easter coloring page

It's Dora the mermaid with her friend Boots!

mermaid dora

Boots and Dora the Explorer Easter

easter egg coloring

It's a Dora The Explorer Easter

dora easter egg

Dora posing in a summer dress

dora in dress

Dora having fun splashing in water!

dora splashing in water

Dora and Boot Vine Swinging!

boots with dora

Dora and Diego

dora and diego

Boots riding a scooter

boots on scooter

Dora with her umbrella

it's raining on dora

Dora in Wonderland

dora and boots adventure

Dora the Explorer with Boots

butterflies coloring page

Dora roller skating!

dora on roller skates

Dora admiring the flowers



dora coloring page

Dora Backpack Coloring Page

dora explorer walking coloring page
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Boots is Dancing for Dora

dora the explorer coloring printable boots image
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Dora and her backpack. Color it purple!

backpack dora the explorer
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Big coloring page of Dora backpack!

dora explorer coloring printable
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Dora the Explorer Coloing

dora coloring page printable thumb
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Dora and friends with Tico and Boots

coloring page of dora with friends tico
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Swiper the fox scares Dora

swiper dora coloring page
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Princess Dora coloring page

dora coloring pages
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Dora and boots hugging

coloring pages boots hugging dora
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dora coloring pages

Dora the Explorer and Boot her friend

valentines dora and boots coloring page
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Castle and Dora Explora coloring page

dora and boots
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Dora and boots are princess dressed up

dora princess printables princess dor
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Dora Explorer with tico

dora and tico coloring page
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Dora and boots running for picnic!

dora and boots
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dora running and jumping

Next big update of new quality Coloring pictures is coming soon!

dora the explorer
Dora always love to smile! Here is Dora riding her favorite pony!




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