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How to Create a Dora the Explorer Bedroom

At some point every child wants their own special bedding. Princess bedding might be considered popular, but based on my experience with two daughters, nothing beats a Dora bedroom. I will help you shop and decide on things like a perfect Dora bed, bedding, and various bedroom decorations. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of money to spend as I've included many lost cost ideas that will convert your childs bedroom into something magical for them.

My goal with this page is to provide all the shopping resources you need along with the best deals and most updated pricing. Considering the variety of options can be overwhelming, I've provided lots of product pictures for a wide range of Dora themed bedroom products. This is going to be a visual purchase, so It's always good to know what you are really getting with the help of multiple detailed photos. If these purchases aren't part of a gift, then include your child in the selection process. Never underestimate young children. They are smarter and more aware of what they want than most adults give them credit for. If you're putting up the cash, knowing ahead of time they like it is a wise move.

The primary concern is likely around either a bed or bedding. We can appreciate that most of you already have a suitable sized bed in which case bedding is what you're looking for. Let us start with that.

The best thing about choosing Dora bedding is that there is a lot of different manufacturers producing various designs and colors. More selection can be a bit more confusing but this is where we want to help you narrow things down. Further down the page we've added detailed images of the various popular bedding sets available.

Pricing for bedding ranges from around $30 USD up to $60 and beyond. If you want the best quality, you can find it with Dora the Explorer printed on it. We have seen Dora bedding sets for for as much as $100 USD. The best prices and deepest selection can be found on popular online retailers like Amazon. Take your time, shop around because you can find some good deals provided you have bit of patience.

If your child is ready for a new bed, we have some tips and ideas for you as well. This can be a big purchase and often times buying from an online retailer isn't practical due to shipping issues. There is no question that some online retailers can ship bulky products or heavy packages and obviously shopping online means better prices and more variety to choose from. We've added some various Dora beds that are currently being sold and new additions will be added throughout the year to our page below.

We will update this list during the year with new Dora the Explorer bedroom related products!

Below is a picture of a popular Dora bedding set. It has super bright colors! This set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and one reversible pillowcase.

pink dora bedding sheets

dora bedding with boots

dora explorer bedding set

Every child would love bedding like this one featuring Dora and Boots together!


blue dora bedding
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Star catching themed bedding! A nice light blue color that will match many different bedrooms.

dora bed pillow
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Below you can see how a few Dora products can transform a bedroom.

pink dora bedding
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White bedding is nice but stains can be an issue.

white dora bedding
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Below is a bedding set in pink featuring Dora and Boots.

dora bed
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As with most Dora products, Boots is usually included along side his best friend!

dora bed with pillow
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Dora with her puppy is a unique bedding design shown below.

dora bed
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A full-on Dora bed with canopy.
Want to spoil your child? Buy this!

dora bed with canopy
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dora toddler beddingdora beds


I have two daughters and of course they want it all in terms of Dora the Explorer decorations for their bedroom. Wallpaper, wall stickers, bedding, floor mat, and even a Dora bed is on their wish list. Don't freak out over the idea of having to spend big money. I found that simple bedding and wall decorations was enough to transform my child's bedroom into a Dora theme room without having to spend a lot of money.

dora and friends