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From my experience raising two daughters, I can tell you that one item at a birthday or christmas is a sure bet. Dora videos! Honestly, what kid doesn't want to watch Dora? It will be an intense period as a parent. Be prepared for many Dora The Explorer DVD requests from your kids. They will point or they will grab the Dora DVD case and force you to play it! Enjoy this for a couple years! I sure did!

The nagging kids asking to watch Dora isn't something that passes in just a year. No, this will last a couple or more years. Well, perhaps your child is different, but my girls love Dora the Explorer. It wasn't over quick let me tell you! Kids watch their favorite shows over and over again so you will get your moneys worth that's for sure. Depending on the age of your child you need to beware of Dora dvd's being treated like toys. I've had a few lessons in that regard. Movie discs scratch easily and it only take one to ruin a movie. I also suggest blocking access to the dvd player/tray itself. My daughter decided to put a quarter on the tray and insert it. Took a while to figure out why movies wouldn't play!

Now in 2012 tablets are pretty common and are getting even more common. This opens up the door for watching Dora movies online and not having to use sensitive dvd discs. If you can stream Dora the Explorer movies it's a great option for children of the age who enjoy Dora. As an example, has all the Dora the Explorer episode available to watch via their "Amazon Instant Video" service. That is a monthly service or you can also just buy individual episode on their own. There are 9 Dora season which means a LOT of watching. You will pay about $1.99 per episode if you're not part of the Amazon monthly service.

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My goal with this page of the website is to help you shop for a Dora the Explorer dvd. Just because Dora videos have her picture on the cover doesn't always mean it's a sure winner. In fact, the new voice of Dora in may keep you shopping for the older Dora the Explorer dvd videos. The best part is, kids will watch dora over and over again. Yes, you still should take your child in the sunlight, but you likely understand what I'm saying. Every parent needs their downtime. Just put in a Dora the Explorer DVD and let your child watch Dora. Enjoy the peace and quiet for a few minutes!

A word of caution about Dora the Explorer on YouTube. I highly recommend that you DO NOT go onto YouTube for watching Dora shows or movies. What you will find is that people have edited voices on the videos, made jokes, added swearing and other things that you simply don't want your child exposed to. The legitimate Dora videos get removed from YouTube because of copyright infringement. If Nick Jr. puts up videos, then that's safe. Anyone else? Simply don't trust it.

When shopping for Dora videos, there is a great selection online at places like Prices are very reasonable and you should pay anywhere from $7 USD to $15 USD for newer Dora movies. You may have to order more than one because there really is a vast selection to choose from!

I hope your children will be happy to watch Dora shows that I've provided here! Enjoy and download this PDF file here (source: with a listing of every Dora the Explorer Episode from the first four seasons!


Where you can watch Dora the Explorer Episodes on TV?

Here is a listing of various channels and show times for Dora The Explorer episodes. We are keeping this list current and will be adding additional countries soon!

nick jr dora the explorer

Dora the Explorer episodes can be watched daily on Nick Jr. Times are ET. Daily at: 9:00pm, 9:30pm. On weekends, Nick Jr has episodes at: 7:00pm (Sun), 7:30pm (Sun), 9:00pm (Sat), 9:30pm (Sat), 10:00pm (Sun). Note that weekend show times change from time to time.

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Watch Dora the Explorer episodes on Nickelodeon in the United States. Times are ET. Daily at: 9am, 9:30am, 1:00pm, 1:30pm on weekdays. On weekends at: 7am.


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You can watch Dora episodes in Canada on Treehouse. This channel is available on most cable providers in Canada although you may have to add it to you package. Times are ET. Daily weekday at: 12:30am, 4:30pm. On weekends at: 12:30am.

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NickCanada, which is essentially NickJr of Canada also runs regular Dora the Explorer episodes. Times are ET. Daily at: 2:10pm. Don't have Nick? Check here.

Where you can watch Dora The Explorer Episodes online?

There are good free options also. If you visit Treehouse and NickJr there is hours worth of Dora episodes to watch. No commercials, free and safe! All Dora's friends are included in these videos.


Click here to watch many different episodes of Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr!




If you're wanting to pay for Dora the Explorer episodes, there are a few options. In general you can pay about $1.99 USD per Dora episode. You can watch online via a few different options. This is a type of Dora on demand where you can pick and choose episodes or you can pay for an entire season.





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Here is a list of what you can expect from this Dora the Explorer DVD section of the website:

  • A listing of the top selling Dora videos in North America and world wide.
  • FAQ's and information about how safe it is to shop and order products online
  • Image links so you can buy Dora videos from our website
  • A list of Dora videos and dvd movies that you want to avoid. Yes, there are a few that I can say didn't exactly have staying power with my girls.



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My goal is to make your gift buying simple, fast and easy. Buying Dora videos is one easy solution, but you still have to make the best selection out of the many Dora movies and dvd videos available on the market. I will give you the resources to make the best decision. Have fun!



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Keep checking back for new reviews and info on the latest Dora videos and Dora Explorer Dvd releases!

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Dora Videos are the sure hit present at Christmas or birthdays. How would I know? Personal experience.
Kids will watch Dora over and over. They simply cannot get enough of Dora videos.
Take my advice. Buy a Dora the Explorer dvd and you will have no regrets!