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At some point every child wants their own special bedding. Princess bedding is popular from my experience, but nothing beats Dora bedding and the reaction of your child when they see their new Dora bed.

The best thing about choosing Dora bedding is that there is a lot of different manufacturers producing various designs and colored Dora bedding. More selection can be a bit more confusing but this is where we want to help you.

My goal with this Dora bed and Dora bedding page is to provide all the shopping resources you need. One page with the most updated Dora bedding products with the most updated pricing. It's always good to know what you are really getting before you order so we will have lots of product pictures for you to look at. In fact, if this isn't a gift for your child you can even include them in the selection process. Why not make it fun?

Pricing for Dora bedding really ranges from around $30 USB up to $60 and beyond. If you want the best quality bedding, you can find it. We have seen Dora the Explorer bedding sets for for as much as $100 USD. The best selection can be found online. You can take your time and shop around before you buy.

We will also list some of the best Dora beds. Obviously the bedding is the most important aspect of a Dora bed, but the bed itself will please your child to no end. Shipping a Dora bed can be done quite easily these days so it's no extra problem. Shop online for a Dora bed and get the best possible prices and the biggest selection. It's just a lot easier shopping online!

We hope you enjoy our Dora bedding product listings. We will update this list often as new Dora bed products are available!

Below is a picture of a popular Dora bedding product. It has super bright colors! This includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and one reversible pillowcase.
pink dora bedding sheets

dora bedding with boots

dora explorer bedding set


Every child would love Dora bedding like this one!


blue dora bedding
© Nick Jr.

Same Dora bedding as above expect close up of Dora pillow!

dora bed pillow
© Nick Jr.

Pink Dora Bedding

pink dora bedding
© Nick Jr.

White Dora Bedding

white dora bedding© Nick Jr.

Fun Dora The Explorer Bedding

dora bed
© Nick Jr.

Boots and Dora Bedding

dora bed with pillow
© Nick Jr.

Dora Bedroom and Dora Bedding

dora bed
© Nick Jr.

Dora Bed with Canopy

dora bed with canopy
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I have two daughters and of course they want Dora bedding and a Dora bed. Since I've done shopping for Dora toddler bedding, I can provide the most reliable resources as you look for the perfect Dora bedding for your child.

dora bedding

When new Dora bedding is available we will list it here!

We hope to be your #1 Dora The Explorer Resource!

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