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My kids love printing off Dora coloring pages I've decided to add even more printable pages! Just make sure that you control the coloring pages because your printer may need ink! Keep extra ink around for your printer because kids just can't get enough of Dora the Explorer, Diego, Backpack and her many other friends. My two daughters love coloring or painting these particular Dora coloring pages so I know you will be happy after printing them out for your children. These are already tried, testing and fully proven! Have fun!

I am currently expanding the number of printables! I think it's always a good idea to have Holiday specific Dora pages especially for Halloween, Easter and Christmas. I'm also trying to add many more coloring pages that have Dora and friends including Boots, Dora and Diego, Tico, Backpack, Map, Stars and more.

Just a piece of advice when printing a lot of coloring pages. Change the settings in your printer so that you are using the draft or lower quality setting. Essentially that means the lines on the page may not be as sharp, but it's only being used for a coloring page and doing this will save you ink or toner on your printer. Trust me on this one. I've had to print out hundreds of various coloring pages and simply choosing the draft or low quality setting saved me money. I would also consider have cheap paper to use specifically for these coloring pages. Leave the more expensive paper for when you need it. Often times you may not have a choice, but the next time you are shopping for paper, check the price differences and buy a cheap package for Dora printables and a different more expensive paper for your other needs. I hope this helps!


Instructions for Dora Coloring Pages:

  1. Click on the Dora coloring page you want to print.
  2. When the next page opens, right click on the Dora coloring picture and
    then click on "Print Picture..."

I will provide new Dora coloring pages so please come again when you need more coloring to keep your children happy and busy!

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New! Dora with her dog coloring pages. Click on pictures below for full size printable!

Dora takes her dog for a ride in a wagon. Dora's dog is happy!
Dora with dog in wagon

Both Dora and her puppy are happy as they jump for joy!
Dora with dog jumping

This coloring page has Dora ready to play fetch the ball with her new puppy!
Dora playing fetch with dog

Dora hugs her dog!
Dora hugs dog

Puppy looks ready to play in this coloring page!
Dora's dog

Dora teaches her puppy how to shake a paw in this picture. Good dog!
shake a paw

New! Dora The Explorer coloring pages featuring dress up Dora, Boots, Isa, Benny and all her friends!
Dora says it's fun to read Dora the Explorer jumping Dora playing dress up
Dora hugs her teddy bear Dora and Boots Dora and Isa
Dora Birthday Party Dora and riding a horse Dora on an adventure
Dora and friends Dora the Explorer and friends Dora christmas coloring page
Dora Dora having fun dress up dora the explorer
dora with hat it's dora the explorer boots and dora
dora easter coloring page    


coloring pages dora waving handDora Coloring Pages

Dora the Explorer coloring page with simple easy to fill lines. A perfect coloring page for younger Dora fans. Click on image for the full size coloring page!


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halloween coloring with dora the explorerHalloween Theme Coloring Pages

Dora and Boots are featured in this coloring page. Boots is scared by the pumpkin and hides behind Dora! Get your orange crayons ready for this one!


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dora coloring page with boots and backpack

Dora and Boots Coloring Pages

Dora's best friend is Boots. This is a valentines themed coloring page and features a big hug and also has Dora's backpack!


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Dora Posing In Dress Printable

This is a simple coloring page for younger artists. This page will be easier for kids to stay within the lines and isn't ovely detailed. Enjoy!


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dora pirate adventure printablesDora and Boots - Pirate Adventure

One of the most popular Dora episodes is the Pirate Adventure. This coloring page should be really popular with your children! Dora and Boots in their pirate outfits.


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dora posing with sunglasses printableSimple Dora Coloring Page

A summer themed coloring printable with Dora posing with her sunglasses. Basic coloring page for the young Dora the Explorer fans out there!


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coloring page for dora the explorerDora The Explorer Coloring

Let your child color in each of the flower pedals! Dora is running with excitement in the color page.


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dora coloring pagesDora the Explorer Coloring Pages

Here is a picture of Dora with her mother. Dora has backpack on with the help of her mother. Dora the explorer is going out to explore?

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dora coloring page ice skatingDora Coloring Pages

Here is a picture of Dora ice skating! There is lots of space on this coloring page so it will be easy for your kids to color or paint without having to worry. Click on picture for the full size Dora coloring page.

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Dora Coloring Pages

Here is a picture of Dora the explorer friends Boots and Isa. Boots is more difficult for coloring so perhaps this is a better coloring page for your older child. I didn't know that Isa had a thing for Boots!

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dora explorer coloring printable

We are your #1 Dora Coloring Pages and Printables Resource!

dora coloring pages

We give your child what they want. We give them Dora coloring pages with all of Dora The Explorer friends like Backpack, Diego, Boots, Swiper and all the other friends of Dora! Just make sure you have extra ink for your printer!





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