Dora DVD - The gift your child really wants!

Most children around the ages 2-4 really enjoy Dora the Explorer. Trust me, I have 2 daughters and we have lived the Dora Explorer experience. It's hard to avoid because kids just love the show and the characters.

At most birthday parties and at Christmas you know the toys that look great in the store but in reality, your child loves opening the box more than the toy itself. Don't you just despise those dolls with 100 small accessories? I don't like picking them up or worrying about my youngest daughter choking on those toys.

This brings me to my #1 Dora the Explorer gift. A Dora DVD is a perfect give solution. First they will love it. Second, it has no small parts. Third, they will watch it over and over and over again! The only consideration you need to worry about is making sure that the Dora DVD doesn't get scratched or broken. Yes, we've learned the hard way. Take a few basic precautions and you will be fine. With that said, a Dora DVD is inexpensive. If you look at our listings you will see that Dora the Explorer DVD movies are not going to break the bank.

We will update our Dora DVD listing as often as possible. The prices will be updated daily so you know what is cheap and what isn't so cheap. Certainly the Dora DVD titled "Pirate Adventure" is one of the most popular Dora DVD movies of all time. There is lots to choose from! The best part is you really can't go wrong. As long as it's Dora the Explorer on the DVD it will bring excitement and joy to your childs life. They will learn a few things also! Trust me. I speak from experience. Both my daughters love getting a Dora DVD. A gift that is a proven 100% sucess at Birthdays of Christmas time!

I'm sure you are already aware of the fact children and dvd movies don't mix. It's a toy to them and they treat it as such. Do yourself a favor and keep the dvd movies out of harms way. Keep them in the case and be the one to insert and remove them. It's something most parents learn pretty quickly. One accident and it's tears when the movie won't play! There are also opportunities to stream Dora movies online with services like Amazon Instant Video (available in the USA only) which mean there is no physical disc that can get ruined and your child can watch it over and over via streaming on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Please enjoy our Dora DVD listings. We will update this list often as new Dora DVD movies and videos are available!

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These are some of the best Dora DVD movies from

dora dvd movie

Dora's Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom

Dive into adventure with Mermaid Dora and Sea Monkey Boots to help their mermaid friend Maribel get back to her Mami in Mermaid Cove! Plus rescue castaway Benny from Coconut Island and join Dora on a magical moonlight adventure through a storybook world!

Length: 1 hr 10 min

Price: $14.99 USD


dora saves the mermaids movie

Dora Saves the Mermaids

In this double-length special, Dora needs your help to save Mermaid Kingdom by bringing a magical crown back to Mariana the Mermaid ... and by becoming a mermaid too! Then help Dora on two other ocean adventures to help a baby fish and the Pirate Piggies!

Length: 1 hr 31 min

Price: $14.99 USD


dora movie

Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures

Explore the Enchanted Forest with Dora, Boots, and King Unicornio in this trilogy of magical adventures, concluding in an enchanted double-length episode!

Length: 1 hr 32 min

Price: $11.99 USD


dora saves the snow princess

Dora Saves the Snow Princess

Dora and friends need your help on a magical double-length quest to save the Snow Princess and her whole Snowy Forest! Plus, help Dora bring a new toy to her baby brother and sister AND take Perrito to meet his twin puppy brother on Twins' Day!

Length: 1 hr 32 min

Price: $14.99 USD


dora pirate adventure

Dora Pirate Adventure

This is a classic and perhaps the most highly regarded Dora dvd. This is the safest puchase!

Length: 30 min

Price: $7 USD



How do I know that your child will love getting a Dora DVD? I have 2 daughters and every time it's been a success. There is no bad choice when it comes to Dora DVD movies so you simply can't choose poorly. If Dora and friends on in the movie, kids just love it! That's my promise to you!



dora dvd

When new Dora DVD movies are available we will list it here!

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Dora DVD movies are a sure hit present at Christmas or birthdays.
Kids will watch Dora DVD movies hundreds of times. They cannot get enough.
Take my advice. Buy a Dora the Explorer DVD and you will have no regrets!