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As parents, we've all had that stress when it comes to planning and preparing a childs birthday party. Have no fear, we are here! One sure bet is that your daughter or son will absolutely love a Dora party. Use our resources for planning your Dora birthday and a big budget isn't necessary. Sure you

can buy many decorations etc, but a simply Dora birthday can do the trick. Fine details for planning a birthday ultimately are not important. Kids are active and excited. They won't notice if you fudge your way through the party. I want to provide you with various stories from other parents who have put together a Dora party. I am planning to have one for my daughter's third birthday this summer. I also think it's important to include the other Dora characters in your party plans. Most kids also love Boots, Tico and Diego.

I'm currently in the process of getting the full line of Dora party ideas. Thinking of getting a Dora Pinata? Click here! There are many affordable Dora party decorations. The trick is finding stores that sell them. They even sell Dora cupcake papers! What child doesn't like a chocolate cupcake? The goal for us is to give you the sure fire hits and resources for planning your childs perfect Dora The Explorer birthday party. It takes more than just a big budget to pull off exciting birthday parties. In fact, our planning will not have you spending big bucks and you don't need a big budget. Simply having a Dora music cd playing at a childs party can add to the theme. There is a great selection of Dora music cds which I will be listing here in the weeks ahead. Read on for your party planning pleasure!

Check back in the coming weeks for full party planning resources!

My goal is to share experiences from parents who have pulled off the ultimate Dora birthday party. Let this be your #1 source for planning a Dora party. One thing is for sure, every child wishes for a Dora party.

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Make your child a Dora Cake on their Birthday!

There are a few ways to create a Dora cake for your childs birthday. You can buy a mold like the one shown here. You will need to add some colored icing to the top and you can have a great looking birthday cake. The Dora cake pan shown below is about $25 USD. If not making one yourself, places like Dairy Queen or local bakeries can make custom designs. As we've done in the past you can send a photo or scan and they can create the cake using it. These are called edible images and in fact you can buy your own if you are so inclined. I'm sure you have some small Dora and friend figurines which you can give to the bakery doing the cake. They can create a cake using the characters. If you're talented with icing, you can buy Dora Cake Topper Decorating Kits which come in a few different varieties.

As mentioned, there are "edible images" which you can buy and simply place on top of a cake. This is a simple solution for making your child a beautiful Dora the Explorer birthday cake that they will love! Best to order these online. They are hard to find.


Make Dora Party Invitations!

dora party invitations

Click on image to download Dora Party invitations! Print them and fold them. Your first step towards a Dora party!



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Dora Pinata: Most kids put a pinata at the top of their favorite party activities. Of course there are a wide range of Dora Birthday Party pinatas. Here are a few of the more popular ones available. When buying a store bought Dora birthday pinata I would advise that you soften it up. These pinata are generally taped on the corners and are virtually indestructable. It's true! In the past I've poked some extra holes which allows some weak spots. The kids wacking a Dora pinata aren't baseball sluggers and after a while it's going to get tiring. Let them each have a turn then consider using the strings or make some additional holes in the bottom to speed it up.



Dora Balloons: Sure you can get generic ballons for your childs birthday but nothing is better than getting one Dora balloon. There a lots of great foil balloons that will last much longer than regular latex balloons. Here are some images of various Dora balloons that are available to buy.

dora balloons


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