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We all know the joke right? You buy a toy for a child and they play with the box the toy came in. But have no fear, Dora toys are no joke! I have two young girls and honestly, if I'm shopping for a toy, I found myself constantly going with Dora toys. In fact, my oldest daughter has yet to grow out of Dora the Explorer and from what I see from other older kids, I can expect Dora toys to be the perfect gift for even longer than I thought.

Most times when buying a toy you are thinking that cartoon characters will last maybe a year, then it's on to the next character. I think Dora the Explorer is different than most of these so called phases. I do have first hand experience on Dora toys so please trust what I'm saying. Dora has been around for quite some time. I don't see anything on the horizon that is going to bump her off the popularity throne. It's very remarkable actually. With new electronic devices emerging into the market there is even more Dora hitting the market via tablet apps and streaming Dora movies and videos. The only issue you will come across is trying to decide which toys are going to give you the best smiles!

My goal with this Dora toys page, is to give you access to the best of the best Dora toys. As you might expect, there is a large selection of Dora toys on the market. Christmas is very close so I'm sure that you've considered already what toys or presents you want to get your child. Don't take a risk, get Dora toys for your kids! Smiles are guaranteed. You can visit your local big box store such as Wal Mart or Target to find Dora toys but the greatest selection can be found online. A word of advice though. If you're close to a birthday or Christmas you need to order early enough that you don't have a toy arriving late. In general places like Amazon and other online retailers have a delivery guarantee and especially for Christmas they have specific deadlines for when you need to get your order in or you run the risk of not getting the toys on time.

Here is a list of what you can expect in the coming months from this Dora toys page of the website:

  • A listing of the top selling Dora toys in North America and world wide.
  • FAQ's and information about how safe it is to shop and order products online
  • Image links so you can buy Dora toys from our website
  • A list of Dora toys that you want to avoid.


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Here are some of the top rated and best selling
Dora toys at Amazon!

Dora Beanie

Year after year the best selling Dora toy is the Ty Beanie. You can find all Dora's friends and the most popular characters like boots and Dora you can find a few different varieties. We are showing you some of the selection that's available to buy. A Dora beanie is a very safe purchase and Ty are highly regarded as having very durable products.

dora beanie from ty



Bath Toys

The age of children who are watching Dora the Explorer take baths, not showers. Some kids are unwilling participants when it comes to bath time. Make your life easier with bath toys like Dora bath squirters! One word of advice when buying bath squirters. Make sure that you empty the water and squeeze the out completely after use. Put them somewhere where they can dry. If not, you will find over time that black crud will cake on the inside and will start to squirt out. At bit of care will avoid this.

dora bath toys


Dora Wall Stickers

If you haven't tried out wall stickers yet, I highly recommend them. It's an easy way to transformer your child's bedroom into something they love. Wall stickers don't leave residue and you can move them around easily. When your child moves onto older kid interests, the wall stickers easily come off the wall. Here is an example of what Dora wall stickers are out there. Yes these aren't official a toy but they are certainly a great gift idea.


Dora Guitar

Musical instruments are a pretty safe choice for toys your kids will love. This particular guitar is certainly more toy than instrument. The bottom line is it's fun and people who bought it highly recommend it.

dora toy guitar



My goal is to make your gift buying simple, fast and easy. Buying Dora toys is one easy solution, but you still have to make the best selection out of the many Dora toys available on the market. I will give you the resources to make the best decision. Have fun!



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Keep checking back for new reviews and info on the latest Dora toys!

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Dora Toys is the sure hit present at Christmas or birthdays. How would I know? Personal experience.
Dora toys last longer than most because kids simply cannot get enough of Dora. Take my advice. Buy Dora toys and you will have no regrets!