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Even more great Dora colouring pages!

We've been expanding our selection of colouring pages to the point where we needed a second page for all the sheets. We've tried to bring many Dora and friends printables, but most kids love animals like dogs, so we've found some colouring pages that feature a puppy with Dora. Seasonal themes are popular as well and we've added some Christmas themed sheets along with other holidays the are exciting for kids.

You can find other source for Dora printables, but since I have two daughters, I can ensure you that these are their favorites. I'm not basing my choices on my opinion, instead I've let my kids point me towards their favorite Dora friends and themes. So you could say that these selections are tried and true!

If you prefer the simplicity of PDF files, I'm happy to tell you that we've started to include Dora coloring pages PDF files instead of just jpeg or gif images. I can appreciate there is a bit more simplicity and familiarity in using Adobe and their PDF format. You've spoken and we're listening!

As mentioned previously, we're always looking to expand our selection of printables. Dora has a huge cast of characters and most kids want different characters on a coloring sheet. Rather than browsing the many pictures below, I will save you some time and tell you that some Dora friends that are featured in the colouring pages below include: Boots, Dora and Diego, Tico, Backpack, Map, Stars, Benny, Isa, and more.

If you're going to be printing pages out on a regular basis, I just wanted to share a bit of advice. I can appreciate that many of you may know these things already, but it's worth a simple reminder.

First off, change the settings in your printer so that you are using the draft or lower quality setting. If you're using Windows 10 you can go into Control Panel and then into Printer settings. Choosing a "fast" or "draft" setting essentially that means the lines on the page may not be as sharp. But since it's only being used for a coloring page, you might as well save you ink or toner on your printer. Trust me on this one. I've had to print out hundreds of various coloring pages and simply choosing the draft or low quality setting saved me money.

I would also consider using cheap paper. Heavier paper is more expensive and it's completely unnecessary in most cases. Leave the more expensive heavy paper for situations where your child might be painting on the coloring page or if they are using felt pens that could soak through. If pencil crayons or crayons are being used, then there is no reason to use heavy paper. Often times you may not have a choice, but the next time you are shopping for paper, check the price differences and buy the cheaper paper for this specific purpose. I hope this helps!

Instructions for printing a colouring page:

  1. Click on the picture you want to print.
  2. When the next page opens, right click on the image and
    then click on "Print Picture..."
  3. We offer more than just a link to the jpeg or gif printable sheet. If you see a PDF link, you can simply click the link which will open up a download dialogue window. Or you can alternatively right click on the PDF link and click "save link as". After either of those options, just opent the PDF file and fron your viewer you can easily print out the sheet.

I will be bringing new colouring pages during 2018! Send us an email if you have any suggestions. Please come visit us again when you need more activities to keep
your children happy and busy!

dora coloring pages dora the explorer coloring


High Quality Printables! The selections below are high quality Dora printables with sharp lines for easy coloring. Some pictures feature more detail for older kids to enjoy! These are sized perfectly for standard letter sized paper!

Dora dressed for the beach

going to the beach with dora

[download PDF here]

Dora and Boots with sunflower

boots and dora together

[download PDF here]

Having fun with balls

dora the explorer playing with balls

[download PDF here]

Boots playing tennis

boots having fun playing tennis

[download PDF here]

Making a snowman


dora boots and snowman

[download PDF here]

Dora with flowers


dora with flowers

[download PDF here]

Dora playing in the snow

dora in snow

[download PDF here]

Dora covering up Boots with sand

dora and boots

[download PDF here]

It's a whale

[download PDF here]

It's a turtle

[download PDF here]




It's a octopus

Tico, Benny and Isa

Dora and Boots high five

Having fun with science

Boots jumping high

At the beach with Dora


Dora splashing in the water

It's play time

Riding a bike with groceries

Hanging out at the beach with Boots



Dora with her puppy colouring pages. Click on pictures below for full size printable!

Dora takes her dog for a ride in a wagon. Dora's dog is happy!
Dora with dog in wagon

Both Dora and her puppy are happy as they jump for joy!
Dora with dog jumping

This coloring page has Dora ready to play fetch the ball with her new puppy!
Dora playing fetch with dog

Dora hugs her dog!
Dora hugs dog

Puppy looks ready to play in this coloring page!
Dora's dog

Dora teaches her puppy how to shake a paw in this picture. Good dog!
shake a paw


Dora The Explorer coloring sheets featuring Boots, Isa, Christmas, Benny and all her friends!

Dora says it's important to read

Dora says it's fun to read

Does anyone want a hug?

Dora the Explorer jumping

Anyone want to go to the beach?

Dora playing dress up

Teddy bear needs a hug

Dora hugs her teddy bear

Backpack, Boots and Dora

Dora and Boots

Isa shares a flower

Dora and Isa

[download PDF here]

It's a Happy Birthday

Dora Birthday Party

Dora and Boots are riding a horse

Dora and riding a horse

Can you spot the food?

Dora on an adventure

Dora and friends playing a game of soccer

Dora and friends

Benny and Boots on an adventure

Dora the Explorer and friends

Dora Christmas coloring page

Dora christmas coloring page




Exploring with Dora


Lion teaches Dora how to perform circus acts

Dora having fun

Dressing up

dress up dora the explorer

The friendly frog

dora with hat


it's dora the explorer

Dora Valentines day

boots and dora

Easter with Dora and Boots

dora easter coloring page



coloring pages dora waving handDora Says Hello!

This Dora colouring sheet will be easy for the youngest of children. Wide lines and accuracy is not required. Find bright colors and start by showing your child how to be an artist. Just click on the image for the full size printable.

[download PDF here]

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halloween coloring with dora the explorerHalloween Colouring Page

Dora and Boots are best friends so of course they celebrate Halloween together. Boots is scared by the pumpkin and hides behind Dora! Get your orange crayons ready for this one!

[download PDF here]

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dora coloring pages


dora coloring page with boots and backpack

Boots hugging his best friend

Dora's best friend is Boots. This is a valentines themed coloring sheet and features a big hug and trusty backpack!

[download PDF here]

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Dora in fancy dress printable

This is a simple sheet for younger artists. This printable will be easier for kids to stay within the lines and isn't ovely detailed. Enjoy!

[download PDF here]

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dora pirate adventure printablesDora the Explorer Pirate Adventure

[download PDF here]

One of the most popular Dora episodes is the Pirate Adventure. This colouring sheet should be really popular with your children! Dora and Boots in their pirate outfits.


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dora posing with sunglasses printableSummer is what Dora really likes

A summer themed printable with Dora posing with her sunglasses. This is a basic printable for the young Dora the Explorer fans out there!

[download PDF here]

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coloring page for dora the explorerDecorate and have fun!

Let your child colour in each of the flower pedals! Dora is running with excitement and she wants someone to play with!

[download PDF here]

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dora coloring pagesMama

Here is a rare printable of Dora with her mother. Dora has backpack on with the help of her mother. Is she ready to go out and explore?

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dora coloring page ice skatingIce Skating with Dora

Here is a picture of Dora ice skating! Who knew that she knew how to skate? There is lots of space on this colouring sheet so it's easy paint without having to worry. Click on picture for the full size sheet.

[download PDF here]

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Isa and Boots

What is going on here with friends Boots and Isa. Boots is more difficult to colour because of the narrower spaces, so it's more ideal for an older child. I didn't know that Isa has a thing for Boots!

[download PDF here]

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dora with her best friend boots


We give your child what they want. We give them coloring pages with all of Dora The Explorer friends like Backpack, Diego, Boots, Swiper and all her other friends!
Just make sure you have extra ink for your printer!